Custom Jeans for All Body Types - Plus-size, Petite, Curvy, Tall, Short, and What not

Here's a question for you - is finding a pair of denim jeans simple? Well, most of you would say yes, it is. Generally, people with standard waist sizes get a wide range of options - online as well as offline while buying jeans. But, the experience is not so satisfying for people with differently-sized bodies. Reason being - the garment market is sharply defined towards median sizes. Approximately 70-80% of the jeans available in the market are made as per the standard sizes. Even if options are available for people with exceptional body sizes, they are constrained and shrink dramatically, not the other way around. 

For example, a guy with waist size 28 or 38 and above may find it challenging to find the perfect pair of jeans. Such waist sizes don't fit the set standard sizes. The same can be said for tall people. Say a guy who is 6.2 feet tall may struggle to find a pair of jeans with the right length. To counter such unsatisfactory experiences, many brands nowadays offer sizeless clothing options. 

One such brand is eniM. We are a custom jeans brand based in India. Unlike other brands in the same line, we are more about letting our customers choose from multiple jeans customization options. You can pick different styles, colours, sizes, and whatnot!

This article revolves around such issues and has the ultimate solution that will solve your denim jeans worries for the time to come. So, let's wait no more and explore!

Solving the Denim Dilemma the eniM Way

Custom Jeans

As denim jeans in the market are somewhat tight or loose, people with different body sizes often compromise while buying them. They often have to get alterations done to size the jeans up or down. That's kind of a universal solution, right? But this is not how denim jeans should be worn. No doubt that alterations may fix the structure of the jeans. However, the essence of denim gets lost because of such aspects.  

So, to ensure that you wear the style you like and don't have to compromise on any front, we have come up with a made to measure jeans concept. It doesn't matter if your waist size is 28 or 48. From Slim, Straight, Skinny, and Boot Cut, every one of you can wear the style you like - without compromising the fit. 

Let us tell you how eniM turns the game around for people struggling to find the right fit. We are highlighting some common problems and will be talking about the solutions too. 

Eliminating the Cookie-Cutter Approach

The "one-size-fits-all" approach has predominantly existed in the fashion industry for decades. However, this approach favours the narrow standard of beauty. Well, the reality is way different than the already perceived notion. The world is full of people with different body shapes, sizes, and proportions. Individuals who do not fit into the fashion industry's pre-defined standard mould often face challenges while buying denim jeans. 

Well, eniM doesn't follow the cookie-cutter approach. We are more inclined toward made to measure jeans approach. We make tailored jeans that flatter every body type. Doesn't matter if you're petite, plus-size, curvy, or even short, tall - you'll get what you want. So, forget about fitting into a pair of jeans; instead, let the jeans fit for you. Yes, you've absolutely read that right. 

Now let's talk about how we can solve the denim fit dilemma for uniquely shaped bodies. 

Resolving the Plus-Size Predicament 

Earlier and even now, plus-size individuals struggle to find jeans that accommodate their body proportions. Many brands fail to offer size options beyond the conventional spectrum. This leaves the plus-size consumers unsatisfied and marginalized. Lack of inclusivity also disheartens such people and makes them feel they don't deserve to own a pair of fashionable and comfortable jeans.

Tailored Jeans

Well, to all the plus-size individuals, we have a thing to say - You deserve a pair of jeans that flatters your beautiful body. Here is how we help you get custom made jeans that can fulfill your specific needs. 

Extensive Size Range: We offer an inclusive range of sizes, accommodating a wide range of body types. We have ensured to go beyond the standard size chart and guarantee to offer custom jeans that perfectly fit your body. 

Precise Measurements: We make your tailored jeans with precise measurements. Our website has different measurement guides with diagrams and videos, and other methods to make your work easier. 

Jeans Customization Options: You will get a range of fit customization options like different rises, leg cuts, inseam lengths, etc. By providing such jeans customization options, we wish to not only empower you but also make you feel confident in what you choose to wear. 

Fabric Selection: The denim fabrics we use are not only of high quality but also stretchy, durable, and comfortable. Our denim fabric provides structure and flexibility to your tailored jeans. We ensure to use fabric that accommodates your body shape (without you having to sacrifice the fit.)  

Styling and Designing: To accommodate the trendy ensemble and your personal preferences, we let you choose from different washes, colors, and styles. 

Tailoring Options: To enhance the comfort of your custom jeans, we offer exclusive tailoring options to solve fit problems in areas like the waist, thighs, etc. 

Post-Delivery Support: There are possibilities that your custom jeans may be a little loose or tight. Well, you don't need to worry about somehow adjusting and fitting into it. We understand such concerns and guarantee to accommodate resizing and replacement requests. If you're not happy with the fit, we make the required alterations so that you are fully satisfied with the overall fit. 

All the options listed above can be accommodated for petite, curvy, short, tall, and all other types of individuals. So, from now onwards, forget about fitting into what's available on the rack or online. Stop pushing yourself into jeans that are not made for your body type. In short, stop compromising on any front when buying a pair of jeans. 

With eniM, enjoy the comfort of made to measure jeans and forget comprising on the denim fit for the rest of your life! We offer a wide range of custom tailored jeans for men in India. So go and explore and keep coming for more!

About eniM 

eniM started with the journey of sizeless clothing after understanding the struggles of people not meeting the standard sizes. This concern made us realize that the modern fashion industry must embrace inclusivity to transform this struggle into a triumph. With the same thought process, we started making custom jeans to end the uphill battle that people with differently-sized bodies face while purchasing denim.  

Our custom tailored jeans for men have a diverse range of sizes and styles. We have exclusive, extended-size charts to make sure that you don't have to worry about fitting into something that's uncomfortable. We embrace body diversity and will always ensure that size inclusivity stands above everything else. 

eniM is here to celebrate the uniqueness of your body shape and shatter the boundaries of the traditional fashion world. With our made to measure jeans, we wish to make you feel incredible, regardless!

To get your pair of custom jeans, talk to our styling experts today!


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