The eniM Experience - What to Expect while Ordering Custom Jeans Online

In recent years, the rise of e-commerce has been extraordinary. With speedy internet and other technological advancements, the online shopping experience has been elevated. The convenience and accessibility offered by e-commerce platforms have successfully drawn people to shop online. If you're looking for options to get the best custom jeans online, we got your back.

For fashion-conscious individuals looking to up their styling game, we are a perfect fit. Why? Well, we know how to exactly make your unique body look attractive with our exclusive range of custom jeans. From personalizing the fit to choosing the ideal size, color, and details - you can do it all at your fingertips. 

We assume some of you may be wondering if ordering custom jeans online is the right choice. Well, if it's your first time, it's natural to have such questions. To ensure you don't end up being skeptical and confused, we want you to understand what to expect when choosing the best custom jeans online. 

What to Expect while Ordering eniM's Custom Jeans Online

Custom Jeans

Before you embark on the journey of ordering the perfect pair of custom jeans, please look at the guide we've prepared for you. 


Extensive Jeans Customization Options

The primary motive of custom jeans sellers is to give people extensive jeans customization options. We believe that individualities shouldn't be standardized. To end your denim fit dilemma, eniM lets you take full control over numerous aspects of the jeans customization process. Let us tell you how. 

Pick Your Style 

Custom Jeans

Before you move on with the jeans customization process, you must choose the style or pattern of the denim. Currently, eniM has 4 styles:

- Slim Fit

- Skinny Fit

- Straight Fit

- Boot Cut Fit

Each of the above categories has more than five color options. After selecting the color and style of your custom jeans, you get more customization options. We are listing it down for you. 

Waist Rise 

eniM has 3 waist rise options, as stated below.

High Rise - Fits across your belly button

Mid Rise - Fits one inch below your belly button

Low Rise - Fits roughly two inches below your belly button 


To ensure that the length of our custom jeans is precisely how you want them to be, we let you take a pick. 

Regular - The hemline sits perfectly on top of the shoes

Ankle - The hemline sits just above the ankle

Folded - Lengthened hemline, sits below the shoes (can be folded as needed)

Front Pocket 

You get to choose from two options - Classic Pocket and Cross Pocket.

Back Pocket 

The two options include Classic Pocket and Cut N Sew Pocket.

Yes, it's as easy as that. If it's your first time purchasing custom jeans, we recommend you take time. Ensure you explore all the available options and then proceed with the ordering process. 

Detailed and Precise Measurement Process

While shopping online, many times, we wonder if the chosen size will fit perfectly. While you can always return or exchange the products, you still may be skeptical, considering the time frame to complete the process.

Well, you shouldn’t be afraid if you’re not a pro at measuring yourself. To make it all very convenient for you, eniM has four different ways to help you measure or get measured. We’ve had many repeat customers because the fit and comfort of our jeans have exceeded their expectations.

Our detailed measurement guide is meant to help you tackle the confusing measurement scenario and help you choose the fit that hugs your body perfectly. Here is how you can take precise measurements.

Cloning Jeans Measurement 

Lastly, if you're not comfortable with any of the options we've listed, you can follow the easiest route - Jeans Cloning. 50-60% of eniM’s jeans are made using this technique. Well, everyone has at least one pair of jeans that fits perfectly. Well, what’s better than getting the same fit replicated!?

Many folks prefer this method and have loved the fits! If you too desire to own more pairs of your favorite jeans, cloning is the best way to achieve it.

We can clone your jeans too. All you need to do is provide us with denim that fits you well and add specific instructions, if any. Also, you get to choose from two options.

- Keep the measurements similar to the Jeans to be cloned 

- Tweak the measurements of your Cloned jeans (multiple options available)

Upon receiving your request, we get it picked from your address and use it to create perfectly fitting custom jeans for you. 


- As all eniM jeans are handmade, some measurement variances can occur. 

- Your old pair of jeans will be sent back to you along with the new ones. 

Online Measurement - Guide to Selecting Your Perfect Size

eniM uses AI ML-based algorithm when it comes to online measurement. Based on the various aspects listed below, our algorithm derives your perfect fit. They include:

- Your Height (has size guide and measurements)

- Waist Size (has a precise size chart for all the available styles/patterns)

- Body Type

- Shape of Your Thighs and Hips


Please ensure to follow the above guideline meticulously. Any inaccuracies may result affect the fit of the jeans. At any point, if you're unsure about the measurements, you can speak to our style experts.

DIY Measurement Guide

If you are a DIY fan, we have got you all covered. Either you can go to your neighborhood tailor, get yourself measured, and provide us with the same. Even if you can’t, that’s fine. If you wish to take measurements at home, here is how you can provide us with the perfect measurements of your body and jeans.

Body Measurements (in inches) 

- Hips

- Waist

- Mid Thigh

- Total Rise

- Ankle

- Inseam

Jeans Measurements (in inches)

- Hips

- Waist

- Thighs

- Knees

- Front Rise

- Back Rise

- Hem

- Jeans Inseam

- Outseam


Each of the above categories accompanies a "How to Measure Video" guide. 

Online and Offline Measurement Assistance

Virtual assistance takes approximately 15 minutes. We'll help you with selecting the right jeans and getting measurements remotely. All you need to do is keep your measurement tape handy.

Home Visit is a lengthy process compared to virtual assistance. At your home, we will showcase different styles and offer denim trials. Once you're done selecting the right jeans, we take measurements. 


Please make sure that you book appointments well in time. 

Quality Material and Craftsmanship

Custom Jeans

It has been rightly said - It is all in the touch and feel. The style masters at eniM follow the same sentiment and craft every piece with the utmost care, attention, and preciseness. When it boils down to choosing fabric quality, we go for nothing less than premium. Our material not only looks luxurious but also feels luxurious.

While sewing, our designers ensure that your custom jeans are made using the exact measurements provided by you. Extra attention is paid to ensure the stitches are worked upon using strong and durable thread. Thus, eniM custom jeans don't split, pull or unravel even after rough use. 

Style Expert Consultations and Recommendations

While ordering your eniM custom jeans online, you can speak to our stylists whenever you are in doubt. They're always available to advise you on various aspects of the jeans customization process like:

- Choosing the right fabric

- Recommending options based on your ideal body type

- Providing style options that suit your personality

- Suggesting the latest trends

- Solving any other queries that you may have

Lastly, if you are not happy with the final results, you don’t need to worry. At eniM we want you to have an amazing experience of getting your custom denim. We will be more than happy to get your jeans altered or remade. 

We hope by now your doubts would have vanished into thin air. So why wait? Order your pair of custom jeans in Mumbai or anywhere in India from eniM. 

About eniM

We not only specialize in crafting custom jeans for men but also make custom jeans for women. Ordering the best custom jeans online is easier than ever with eniM. Here is how you get your body-flattering pair of jeans from eniM

  1. Pick Your Style
  2. Choose Jeans Customization Options
  3. Get Measured
  4. Let Our Stylists Craft Your Masterpiece 
  5. Get Doorstep Delivery
  6. Get Fit Guarantee

To order the best custom jeans online, tailored to your exact body measurements, get in touch with us today. 


Choose eniM, Get the Best Denim!


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