Trends in Custom Jeans: eniM's Guide to Styling Your Denim


Custom jeans offer a unique approach to denim. The personalization factor sets every individual apart in the ever-changing world of fashion. Bespoke fashion lets people express their personalities effortlessly. Right from choosing the perfect fit and wash to selecting different colors and styles, custom jeans offer endless possibilities. 

Jeans customization also allows fashion enthusiasts to curate their distinct fashion narratives. Whether it's a tailored and sleek look or an edgy and bold look - personalized garments can enhance people's confidence. In a way, they serve as a self-expression canvas for people seeking sartorial originality. 

eniM is a custom jeans brand based in India. Every piece from our collection is meant for everyone, no matter what a person's body size is. We specialize in transforming denim dreams into tailored reality. We craft bespoke jeans for men that embrace their individuality with precision and style. Today, we are here to talk about some prominent trends in custom jeans styling. Let's get started. 


Custom Jeans Trend - How to Style Your Enim Denim

Custom jeans

Earlier, denim was weekend and off-duty wear. But now, it has become a casual and formal daily wear option. When it comes to denim styling trends, they go in and out of style every season. Despite the shifts, some styles always look fashionable - regardless of the changing trends. 

While styling your custom jeans, the first thing to consider is the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. Rather than sticking to a very basic look, you should try experimenting with different combinations of t-shirts, shirts, , jackets, blazers, belts, shoes, etc. We're here for a reason today, so let's explore together and know some in-fashion denim styling tips. 

Here are some trends and customized jeans ideas that will help you make a fashion statement. 

Boot Cut, High Rise Custom Jeans

bespoke fashion

Boot cut (wide-leg) and high-rise denim combine for the best of style, fit, and comfort. It's perfectly breathable in hot months and provides the required coverage in colder months. This type of denim adds a retro-inspired touch to an outfit. This style is more suitable for people desiring to achieve a casual look. 


Styling Tips

  • As these jeans have a wider leg opening, balancing your outfit proportions is a must. You can pair them with slim-fitting or fitted button-down shirts, t-shirts, or sweaters and create a more streamlined silhouette.
  • These jeans are designed and meant to be worn with boots. So, you must opt for boots with a slightly higher shaft that can be seen under the jeans. Different types of boots like Chelsea, rugged work, or even cowboy boots go well with this type of jeans.
  • Please avoid wearing low-cut or sneakers as they tend to make the jeans look too long.
  • These jeans have a more relaxed and casual vibe. They are best suited for casual occasions like informal gatherings, outings, or weekends, outings. Thus, you must consider pairing them with a flannel shirt, a simple t-shirt, or a denim jacket for a rugged, laid-back look.
  • Layering adds style and depth to your outfit. You can try layering your Boot Cut jeans with denim or a bomber jacket over a shirt or a t-shirt. Doing so will add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Straight Leg Dark Wash Custom Jeans

custom jeans

While the fade-washed jeans of the '90s have been exceptionally popular, dark-washed denim is making a comeback too. Sleek dark washes have become a go-to runway choice for brands like Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. Dark denim texture lends you a polished look. You can style a Straight Leg Dark Wash Custom Jeans up or down depending on the occasion. 

Styling Tips

Casual Look 

  • Pair your denim with a casual button-down shirt or a simple white tee.
  • Another option is to go for a patterned button-down shirt or a solid-colored shirt.
  • For a bold look, pair it with a denim jacket.
  • To add a polished touch, layer with a sports jacket or a blazer.
  • Complete the look by adding a belt that compliments your sneakers, loafers, boots, etc. 

Dressy Look

  • Pair your denim with a pastel or neutral-colored shirt.
  • Add a suit jacket or a blazer that compliments your jeans.
  • For a polished look, simply tuck your shirt in.
  • Complete the look by adding matching or contrasting shoes.
  • Last but not least, a leather belt complementing the shoes will add a feather to the cap. 

Street Style Look

  • For a trendy streetwear vibe, pair your denim with a graphic tee.
  • To make the look more cool or edgy, layer with a leather or a bomber jacket.
  • Complete the outfit by adding high-top boots or sneakers.
  • To add an extra touch of style, accessorize with a cap, beanie, or sunglasses. 

Slim Fit Light-wash Custom Jeans 

Bespoke Jeans for Men

While classic, dark-washed denim jeans undoubtedly add charm to your look, so can light-washed jeans. Exploring different denim washes will definitely add a fresh dimension to your collection. A Slim Fit Light-wash Custom Jeans is a great choice for folks wanting to achieve a laid-back vintage vibe. 

This style is a slightly looser version of the Skinny Cut jeans. The leg width of Slim Cut Custom Jeans tapers from thigh to ankle. This kind of denim is perfect for folks who don't prefer wearing skin-tight jeans yet want a comfortable slim, and trim look. Best suited for people with slim to medium legs.

Styling Tips

  • With Slim Fit jeans, you must wear a slightly looser or relaxed-fitting t-shirt, shirt, or sweater to balance the proportions.
  • Slim Fit jeans can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. To achieve a casual look, you can pair it with a simple t-shirt and sneakers. For a formal look, pair it with a button-down shirt, blazer, and appropriate shoes.
  • Always pay attention to footwear - it can complement the look very well when it comes to Slim Fit Jeans. Footwear like loafers, sneakers, boots, and formal shoes can work well - depending on the occasion and the overall aesthetic to be achieved.
  • Adding layers can’t ever go wrong if you wish to add depth and interest to your outfit. To achieve a stylish and put-together look, pair your Slim Fit jeans with a jacket, sweater, or cardigan. To create visually appealing combinations, you must try experimenting with different textures. 

Monochrome or Denim on Denim 

Gone are the days when pairing denim on denim was considered a fashion sartorial slip. Denim on denim is a trend that won't go out of fashion anytime soon. People pair different colors or washes together to come up with extravagant looks. Here's how you can achieve eye-catching denim-on-denim looks. 

Styling Tips

Balanced Ensemble

Go for contrasting shades of denim. You can pair dark-washed jeans with lighter denim or vice versa. Always add more definition to your outfit with some statement accessories. 

Trendy Ensemble

Pair your denim with a different-hued denim jacket or a chambray shirt. To create a visual interest with this look, you need to ensure that both denim pieces are contrasting enough.

Sleek and Sophisticated Ensemble

To create this monochrome look, you can go with light-wash jeans. Pair it with a blue or white t-shirt, shirt, or sweater. You can do the same with a darker pair of jeans and top wear. Doing so will give you a polished and cohesive look. 


Mix and Match Different Textures 

custom jeans

To create a visually appealing and interesting outfit, you should try combining your custom jeans with different textures. To achieve this look, you must pair your denim with different fabrics.

Denim with a Knit Sweater

Either opt for a cozy textured-nit or a cable-knit sweater in a contrasting color. This combination balances the ruggedness of jeans and the softness of knitwear. 

Denim with a Leather Jacket

You can create a stylish contrast by aspiring your favorite pair of jeans with a leather jacket. Again the rugged and soft textures will create an eddy, classy look. The safest option is going for a  classic brown or black shade jacket, as it has a timeless appeal.

Denim with a Flannel Shirt

If you wish to achieve a rugged yet relaxed look, pair your jeans with a flannel shirt. You can even experiment with different plaid patterns. These shirts have a warm and soft texture that compliments denim. It’s the perfect combination for casual occasions. 

This is it for today. Hope you found eniM's customized jeans ideas fresh and interesting. By incorporating these latest denim trends and styling tips, you can up your denim game effortlessly. So, just let loose, mix and match, and create unique denim outfits people look at!

About eniM

For years to come, denim jeans will unbeatably be a fashion favorite. Denim's versatility and timeless appeal inspired us to build a custom jeans brand that caters to every body shape. With our skilled designers and modern techniques, we wish to take the Bespoke Fashion game to the next level. 

We offer a bespoke experience to our customers by letting them choose from an array of jeans customization options. With us, you'll step into a fashion world where exclusivity meets timeless style and comfort. Each pair of eniM's denim is a masterpiece of unparalleled craftsmanship, uniquely made for you.

Grab the best bespoke jeans for men only at eniM. Talk to our style experts today and create your unique denim!


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