Sustainable Denim - eniM's Commitment to Eco-Friendly Custom Jeans

Denim jeans have become a fashion staple and will never stop being so. They are seasonless, genderless, and truly timeless. With bespoke fashion taking reigns all over the world, custom jeans have become people's favorites. Along with being cautious about the style and design of tailored jeans, consumers nowadays have started moving to brands selling sustainable denim. This very thought depicts that eco-friendly practices have finally gained attention in recent years when it comes to the fashion industry.

Be it any business; the customer is considered a king, right? Well, to make sure that consumer voices are heard and they get what they desire, businesses mold themselves to fulfill such demands. Nowadays, the same is with custom jeans brands. Many of them are focused on inculcating sustainable, eco-friendly practices throughout their entire production process. eniM also adheres to such practices.

Today we're here to shed light on our commitment to making sustainable custom jeans and many more interesting facts. Together, let's get going and know everything bit by bit.

The Toll of Denim Jeans Production on Nature and Humans

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A question that many folks have today is - are denim jeans really sustainable? Well, traditionally, they are not. Globally, per year we consume approximately 1.2 billion jeans. Every piece of denim jeans requires approximately more than 3,700 liters of water for production. According to a survey, the UK is deemed to have the highest water footprint when it comes to manufacturing jeans.

It all doesn't just stop at water wastage. Let's not forget about the chemical factor. It all starts unfolding at the very beginning - at the cotton farming stage. Most of the jeans sold in the market are made with traditionally farmed cotton. Well, the traditional cotton farming practices are hugely water and land-consuming - accounting for around 16% of global insecticide use.

Such toxic chemicals leach into the environmental surroundings and have severe aftereffects. They not only deplete the natural nutrients from the soil but also possess severe health defects for animals and humans.

Next comes the manufacturing stage. Here, cotton fibers have to be bleached white first. Later, the fibers are repeatedly dipped in indigo dye to retain a lasting dark color - leading to more water wastage and chemical runoff.

That's not it. Even the finishing processes have impacts that last long. Different techniques are used to give denim jeans the finesse it needs. Well, what's bothersome is that very few of them are eco-friendly. The most common methods include sandblasting and stone washing. Allow us to give you a quick overview.

Sandblasting generates dust as workers have to literally use high-pressure hoses and abrasive sand to blast the jeans. This puts factory workers' lung health at risk. On the other hand, stone washing includes the use of pumice stones to give jeans the classic worn look. Mining of this stone not only adds to a considerable amount of carbon footprint but also affects the respiratory health of the miners.

What is more problematic is that out of the billions of jeans produced every year, less than 1% of them get recycled. Yes, you've read the numbers right. Quiet shocking right!?

This realization may have hit hard. Maybe now you know why thousands of consumers all over the world are getting inclined toward sustainable jeans brands. eniM, too, is on a mission to eradicate unethical denim production practices and promote ethical, eco-friendly production practices. Let's take a look at how we're trying to achieve this feat.

eniM's Way of Making Denims Sustainable

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Today, it's possible to purchase jeans that do not involve the use of excessive water, harsh chemicals, destructive abrasion techniques, and so on. All thanks to sustainable clothing awareness. At present, nearly 35% of all the jeans produced globally adhere to ethical practices. eniM does the same. We provide some of the best sustainable custom jeans in the market. Allow us to tell you how.

Material Selection

Do you know what material is sustainable custom jeans made of? Well, ideally, it's 100% organic cotton. What's more amazing is that organic cotton uses 62% less energy, 88% less water, and no chemicals than traditionally farmed cotton. It's grown without synthetic fertilizers and drastically minimizes the impact on mother nature. Thus eniM uses organic cotton to make every pair of tailored jeans - whether it be slim fit, straight fit, boot cut, or skinny fit.

Other brands also use regenerative or recycled cotton. The latter of this type of cotton turns out to be usually organic (lyocell, modal, etc.) For stretchy denim, many brands also use virgin or recycled synthetics in small quantities. This cotton is not fully natural or compostable. But, it's not a bad alternative - until the synthetic content is controlled (kept under 4%).

When it comes to denim material, dyes, too, play an important role. Thus, we use only sustainable, natural dyes (natural indigo and vegetable dyes).

Responsible Manufacturing

Creating fashionable jeans involves the usage of various processing equipment for achieving different washes and distressing. Well, the use of abrasive compounds while doing so has side effects on the environment and factory workers.

To encounter such problematic scenarios, eniM sticks to responsible manufacturing processes. As jeans production is so wasteful, we are fixated on using the least amount of water. We also use only non-toxic, natural dyes. From the beginning to the end, each step of eniM's tailored jeans production revolves around energy-efficient and eco-friendly practices.

Made to Order Production

Mass jeans production means mass wastage of important natural resources. Other harmful side effects make the scenario worse. To get things in control, eniM has adopted made to measure jeans production approach. This implies that we only produce jeans as per consumer requirements when they place an order. Thus, this approach helps us reduce excess inventory energy consumption, minimizes waste, and eventually prevents overproduction.

Jeans Customization Techniques

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Jeans customization may not seem to have a considerable impact when it boils down to sustainable production. However, even a little means a lot today. Small efforts from everyone can lead to something great later. So eniM does not agree with the brands that don't consider jeans customization an important factor influencing sustainable production.

Most of the time, hundreds and thousands of jeans end up being discarded for various reasons. Overproduction, overstocking, and average or poor sales are a few of them. However, when people get personalized fits without compromising style and comfort, won't they be satisfied? Wouldn't they like to wear such tailored jeans more often?

Tailored jeans not only allow people to express their individuality with their style preferences but also drastically reduce the chances of custom jeans getting discarded. Thus, we believe that jeans customization can help prevent the unnecessary wastage of precious natural resources and benefit all.


This was a sneak peek into how eniM is trying to make the best sustainable denim. For more such updates, stay tuned!

About eniM

eniM aims to make fashion sustainable. Factors like consistent innovation and producing durable pieces have made us one of the best sustainable custom jeans brands. We are focused on creating timeless made to measure jeans for the next generation of consumers. Our passion and zeal for ethical manufacturing have helped us attain sustainability goals in the ever-growing fashion world.

eniM aims to banish the stigma that style, quality, comfort, and fit have to be sacrificed for sustainable fashion. With us, you can have it all - without compromising on any front. We're continuously working on eliminating the harmful environmental impact of the denim industry - one pair at a time.

At eniM, you will get the best pair of ethical and bespoke fashion jeans - made using certified eco-friendly materials. All our made to measure jeans have unique washes, exceptional quality, and classic silhouettes, like slim fit, straight fit, skinny fit, and boot cut. Our product sizing is fully customizable to ensure you always have the perfect fit.

Get the best custom tailored jeans for men today. You can contact us by clicking here.


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